Trip To New York, Part III

Saturday April 2nd, the day of the show! Nan wasn't home so I had a figure out a way to get to the train station. She gave me a couple of numbers of local taxi companies but they were out of business. After trying a few more that didn't come out to Sayreville I decided … Continue reading Trip To New York, Part III

Power Trip – A 5 Minute Play

(A comedic look at workplace hierarchy/pecking order, first performed as a staged reading at Community TV of Santa Cruz.) CHARACTERS LEONARD – middle management GORDON – recently promoted to middle management CLAUSEN – upper management Place: LEONARD'S workplace office Time: Contemporary (LEONARD is sitting at his desk and writing on some paperwork. GORDON enters.) LEONARD:  … Continue reading Power Trip – A 5 Minute Play

99 Word Prompt: Busy Silvio the waiter moved from table to table taking customer’s orders and answering their many questions about the menu. He then ran back to the kitchen, quickly arranged various plates of food onto a serving tray, and ran back out with the tray on his upturned palm. He adroitly sidestepped other servers and bussers … Continue reading 99 Word Prompt: Busy

Ailurophobia – A 10 Minute Play

(This play was inspired by Mooch, the tuxedo cat in the above picture. He belongs to my girlfriend, and when I was rehearsing another play at her townhouse, Mooch would join us, bother the actors, and generally make himself the center of attention. Good kitty.) CHARACTERS DARCY – A tenant ROSEANNE – A tenant TABITHA … Continue reading Ailurophobia – A 10 Minute Play

Current Affairs: A Fake Interview Show – Episode 2

(Originally written as a short play during the summer of this year, posting it here after failing to get it staged.) CHARACTERS CHARLENE BEAUMONT AMELIA KIRBY HARVEY CHESWICK REX PAULSON Scene: A local television station (A local television studio where an afternoon talk show is about to air. The host and the three guests are … Continue reading Current Affairs: A Fake Interview Show – Episode 2

Pacific Television Theater – Gateway/Reunion

The second episode of my live televised drama anthology show!  Episode 2 is two short plays.  Gateway is about a new resident to a gated community who discovers that the aberrant behavior he thought he was leaving behind in the outside world also exists within the confines of his new community.  Reunion is about two … Continue reading Pacific Television Theater – Gateway/Reunion

From The Archives – The A.P. P.R. Firm – A 10 Minute Play

(I first wrote this play seven years ago and presented it at a Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre workshop on July 21, 2009. The events and topical references are from that time and may appear dated, but the underlying theme of disinformation from high places is still relevant.) CAST OF CHARACTERS CHAIRMAN MR. CARNEY MR. GRAMM … Continue reading From The Archives – The A.P. P.R. Firm – A 10 Minute Play

Your Place Or Mine? – A 10 Minute Play

(I wrote this play in 2012 and rewrote it in 2015, so the news references are from those times.) CHARACTERS SHEILA - a woman of about 30 GEORGE - a man of about 30 UNCLE LEO - Sheila's uncle, about 50 AMY - Sheila's daughter, 10 BRIAN - Sheila's brother, early to mid 20s Scene: … Continue reading Your Place Or Mine? – A 10 Minute Play