New Project: Short Movie

This summer I’m going to make a short movie. It will be my first, so I’m very excited!

So far I have five pages of script, two committed actors, and a director of photography. I’ll be able to rent a camera, lights, and other equipment from Community Television of Santa Cruz.

The story of the movie is about a couple who formerly lived in Santa Cruz and has come to the seaside city for a visit, and one of them is trying to recapture something from the past. Their trip takes them up the coast to Davenport, a small town of less than 400 people about 10 miles/6 km northwest of Santa Cruz.

View from Davenport Cove Beach

At the beach of Davenport their conservation turns toward a recent event that affected their lives. So far the working title I have for this project is Sunset Memories, and I’m going to use this is a practice run for a feature length movie. I’ll post more about Sunset Memories as this project moves forward.

©2022 Robert Kirkendall

4 thoughts on “New Project: Short Movie

  1. I created a short video (with volunteer actors, cameraman, prop-people, all from work), and it was an eye opening experience… and lots of fun. I’m looking forward on learning about the progress of a professional one!

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