Funhouse – A One Act Play

A one act comedy I wrote titled Funhouse will be performed April 2 and April 3 by the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, an Off-Off Broadway company. The venue will be the Chain Theatre in midtown Manhattan, and this will be the first time since before the pandemic that something I wrote will be performed by real people in front of a live audience. I’m already starting to feel the excitement!

Funhouse is about a couple that recently began dating and he is bringing her to meet his family for the first time at a seaside amusement park. He thinks his family is unsophisticated and impulsive, and he fears that his girlfriend won’t be impressed with them. Instead his new girlfriend and family really hit it off and he’s odd man out.

I plan on flying out to New York to see the performances and the final rehearsals. I’ll post more once I find out who the cast is and there’s an advertising flyer. The play’s the thing!

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