Redwood Summer Chapter 5

Jason’s eyes slowly opened in the early dawn darkness. He stared up into the dimness and began to make out a ceiling. He looked around and found himself on a living room couch with Christine huddled up against him asleep. He turned toward her, then felt the weight of a hangover and his eyes slowly … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 5

Redwood Summer Chapter 4

“Everybody at work is optimistic,” Jason assured Christine as they drove in the mid evening to Todd’s party. “Upper management is saying that we’re going to make the transition through the current world situation so easily nobody would notice.” “What are the owners saying?” “Same thing. And they’re smart, they know what they are doing. … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 4

Redwood Summer Chapter 3

Jason filled up his coffee cup, put the pot back on its burner, and returned to the circle of coworkers at the break room table. “As mush as I’d like to see a rematch there’s no way we’re having another Bay Bridge Series this year,” Kevin added to the train of conversation. “Possibly the A’s, … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 3

Redwood Summer Chapter 2

Jason was humming a tune to a song he had just heard on his car stereo during his drive home from work as he walked through the front door and headed to the kitchen . His younger brother was sitting at the kitchen table talking on the telephone. His father was over in the sunken … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 2

Redwood Summer Part I Chapter 1

For Mom and Dad The ball I threw while playing in the park Has not yet reached the ground -Dylan Thomas ...almost perfect... SAN JOSE, CA 1990 Jason despaired over his unknown future. Seemed like I had it all, he thought, a good job with room to grow, all my friends were together, Christine and … Continue reading Redwood Summer Part I Chapter 1

Fault Lines

(This is the third short story of my history of Santa Clara Valley series) SILICON VALLEY – LATER 1980s “You really want to move out there?” Gina asked. “I think it's a good idea,” Craig asserted. “It's a great idea when you think about it.” Gina felt unconvinced. “But it's so far away.” “Aren't you … Continue reading Fault Lines

Closed Circuit

SILICON VALLEY - 1971 “So what's this meeting going to be about?” Seth asked from the middle of the conference room table. “Not sure, but I think it'll be something good,” Gavin answered from the other side of the table. About a dozen other employees were sitting around the table or milling about the conference … Continue reading Closed Circuit