Show Tonight!

Episode 6 of Pacific Television Theater is to be performed and live aired tonight from Community Television of Santa Cruz at 7:30PM PDT and can be online at!

Episode 6 is two short plays.  I Can Quit Anytime is a wry look at Facebook addiction, and What’s Hiding In Your Tree? is a fictitious ancestry show in which the subject find out his family has a disturbing past.

Left to right: Susy Parker and Joe Milo from What’s Hiding in Your Tree?, and Nicolette Nasr and Shaun Carroll from I Can Quit Anytime.
Shaun Carroll as Ted and Nicolette Nasr as Sarah, rehearsing I Can Quit Anytime at the Community TV studio.
Joe Milo as Wayne Sherman and Susy Parker as the host of What’s Hiding In Your Tree?, a fictitious ancestry show, going over the script.



Beach Hill Productions


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