Hello, December! Only One More Month To Go!

Normally I mourn the closing of an old year as the new year approaches, but this is 2020, and I think most everyone is looking forward to see it come to a swift and irreversible end. The reasons are numerous and well known so I won’t attempt to list them all here, I’d probably forget to include some anyway. Instead I’ll just welcome December with open arms as we get closer to 2021.

As for 2020, I say give it a Viking funeral, or better yet…

9 thoughts on “Hello, December! Only One More Month To Go!

  1. A Viking funeral might be to good for 2020…but the dumpster fire, that’s golden. πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait for 2020 to be over! I posted something about the end of 2020 and a friend commented that 2020 may be to prepare us for what’s to come. Who really knows, but I’m ready to forget this year.

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