Starting Another New Project!

This new project is going to be a two act stage play. So far in my writing journey I’ve started four full length plays, completed two of them, got one of them a stage performance over Zoom that was hosted by an off Broadway theater company, and now it’s time to start another.

What’s this stage play going to be about? Don’t know yet, but I do have a setting. The setting? A public place that’s a gathering spot of different peoples, a nexus of activity, and a cross section of humanity: a coffee house.

What’s the plot? No idea, I still need to figure out that the little detail.

The above picture is from the recently closed Cage Pergolesi, a converted old Santa Cruz Victorian that featured colorful morning regulars, live music at night, poetry readings, paintings and other art work on display, teach ins, meetings, locals, tourists, transients, trippers, and a random assortment of people coming in and out. Certainly all that crisscrossing activity should generate a story idea. So far I’ve written down possible story ideas and character motivations in a search for a through line that will carry the play from the first line to the final curtain.

Wish me luck.

©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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