Upcoming Online Performance: Electric Serenade

This Tuesday September 21st at 4PM EDT/1PM PDT will be an online performance of act I, scene 1 of my full length stage play Electric Serenade. It’s a play I’ve been working on for a number of years; I began it in 2006, finally completed it in 2017, and I’ve been rewriting and improving it since then. ES is like nothing else I’ve written because it’s not based on real people or real events like most of my other work but was instead inspired by an idea to see if I could write a full length two act play with only two onstage characters.

Most of my fiction and drama has multiple characters and crisscrossing story lines so having only two characters was a challenge I wanted to meet. Also I think a full length two hander has a certain minimalist elegance all its own (e.g. Same Time Next Year, The Owl and the Pussycat, Talley’s Folly, Two for the Seesaw, etc.).

Another aspect about writing a play based on an idea instead of something concrete is that it’s somewhat removed from reality, and because of this I have no way of predicting how people are going to react to it. Will they applaud it or dismiss it as ridiculous? I’m hoping the former but I’ll just have to take a chance and put it out there.

Since this upcoming performance is of only the opening scene, ES has two acts and six scenes, I’m hoping it generates enough interest for the audience to see the rest of the play, which could possibly lead to a future production.

As I mentioned earlier this anomalous work is based on a concept instead of reality, so to help me keep it real I imagined two well known actors in the roles to help me write it. Who knows if I’ll ever get them to bring my play to life, they’ll probably age out of the roles anyhow, but their unwitting contribution to ES was a tremendous help to me and my muse.

The online performance will be through Facebook, then uploaded onto YouTube, and once I have a link I’ll post it here and in a future post.

Here’s hoping this play succeeds!

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