Tonight’s Show!

Tonight is the debut of Pacific Avenue Theater!  Tonight's episode, Last Call, a half hour drama set in a neighborhood pub. Starts at 7:30PM, PDT, in Santa Cruz on Comcast 27 and Charter 73, and streaming online on See it!

Live Televised Drama Project Update

For my Santa Cruz CTV live drama project I'm also fundraising with GoFundMe.  Here's the link: Pacific Avenue Theater is an exciting project.  The drama and the continuity of performance of live theatre amplified by the electronic visual medium, and a harkening back to the Golden Age of Television which featured some of the … Continue reading Live Televised Drama Project Update

Live Televised Drama Project

Hello folks!  I am currently developing a live televised drama anthology show for Community TV of Santa Cruz.  This was inspired by the live TV dramas from the Golden Age of Television, and is a revival of that fabled medium. The name of my show is Pacific Avenue Theater, and the first drama we'll be … Continue reading Live Televised Drama Project