Better Call Saul: Predictions For Second Half Of Season 6

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! For up to and including episode 607 of Better Call Saul, as well as Breaking Bad and El Camino. Episode 608 will be airing tonight on AMC. For previous seasons I've posted predictions for Better Call Saul up to the middle of season 5, but I haven't recently because the show has … Continue reading Better Call Saul: Predictions For Second Half Of Season 6

It’s Happening!

I knew that Better Call Saul began shooting its sixth and final season within the last month, but seeing a picture of the Saul Goodman strip mall law office from Breaking Bad being rebuilt for BCS really brought it home. The sight of it indicates to me the complete transformation from Jimmy McGill to Saul … Continue reading It’s Happening!

Saul: Halfway Through Season 5

WARNING: SPOILERS So we are now halfway though season 5 of Better Call Saul, the penultimate season. Previously I've made predictions at the beginning of each season, almost all of which would turn out wrong, but I didn't for season 5 because what was going to happen seemed obvious. And at the halfway point, I … Continue reading Saul: Halfway Through Season 5