Coming Up: Electric Serenade

My two act comedy Electric Serenade that I posted about previously is moving ahead! One more performance was added so there will be six shows performed at Theater for the New City’s 2022 Dream Up Festival from September 11 to September 17. Project now has a director, Laurence C. Schwartz, a veteran of the New York theater scene who will bring my play to life. We also have our two actors (it’s a two character play), Alicia Giangrisostomi and Jamahl Garrison-Lowe, both experienced equity actors who gave the best auditions.

Performance times and venue location are on the ad above. I’ll post more as project moves ahead. Table read will be this Wednesday. This is link to Theater for the New City’s ticket portal, it also has description of the play.

Laurence C. Schwartz, director

Alicia Giangrisostomi as Joanna
Jamahl Garrison-Lowe as Mark


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