And now that the failed experiment of elevating a reality TV show host with multiple bankruptcies, many stiffed creditors, a long history of fleecing the taxpayers, a childlike temperament, a superficial religiosity, a vast narcissism, an enamorment with dictators, a complete ignorance of Constitutional law, and zero electoral experience into the White House is coming … Continue reading Finally!

Don’t Forget To Vote!

Actually it's rather hard to forget about voting because of all the coverage of this contentious election. Plus, record early voting means many of you have already voted, either in person or by mail, including myself. I won't go into the candidates or the issues since those have been plenty discussed and most people have … Continue reading Don’t Forget To Vote!

Current Affairs: A Fake Interview Show

(Inspired by the peculiar election season of 2016) CHARACTERS LIONEL TROWBRIDGE – The interviewer TANYA BICKFORD – The interviewee Scene: An interview studio LIONEL Good evening, and welcome to Current Affairs. I am your host, Lionel Trowbridge.  Tonight we’ll be discussing the entertaining, if not controversial, congressional campaign of Arnie Fowler with his most recent … Continue reading Current Affairs: A Fake Interview Show