Redwood Summer Chapter 8 (repost)

Reposting of Redwood Summer chapter 8 after giving it a rewrite. It isn't too different from earlier version, just more expanded. In this chapter, Jason, the character, is having dinner with his entire family and his girlfriend, and it's the last truly happy moment for him in the novel. After this chapter, the downward descent … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 8 (repost)

Redwood Summer Chapter 8

“It’s amazing what two years can do,” Kathy said. “When I first showed up in San Luis two years ago I was a different person, just a kid. And in two years I’ll be making my way out into the world.” “Unless you go for a master’s,” David said. “We’ll see,” Kathy said noncommittally. “But … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 8