Redwood Summer Chapter 5 (repost)

Rewrite of chapter 5.  The scene is the morning after a glorious party, and the end of the first third of the novel.  Everyone is hungover but happy, and the story reaches a peak at the end of this chapter, after which is the downward slide to its ultimate fate. via Redwood Summer Chapter 5

Redwood Summer Chapter 17

All the important life events of the previous six months finished running through Jason’s mind as he continued staring out the passenger door window of a work truck, and the parties, family gatherings, career change, leaving of school, ordeals, dispersal of friends, and other separate happenings combined together and took their place in his past … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 17

Redwood Summer Chapter 8

“It’s amazing what two years can do to you,” Kathy began. “When I first showed up in San Luis after high school I was just a kid who’d never spent any time away from home, and in two more years I’ll be making my way out into the world.” “Unless you go for a master’s,” … Continue reading Redwood Summer Chapter 8