Sketch For Community TV Mixer

This is a short video of a sketch I wrote and appeared in for Community Television of Santa Cruz.  The event was a social mixer that was held last Friday March 17.  The sketch is a humorous look at challenges that a CTV producer may face.  I hadn't planned on appearing in sketch, but I … Continue reading Sketch For Community TV Mixer


99 Word Prompt: Honeymoon

Inspired by a prompt from Two On a Rant, punchline plagiarized from an old Saturday Night Live sketch.  I wanted to use an image of the two actors (Gilda Radner and Chevy Chase), but they're all copyrighted by NBC. Source: 99 word prompt: honeymoon The young couple checked into the hotel and quickly dashed to … Continue reading 99 Word Prompt: Honeymoon

Current Affairs: A Fake Interview Show

(Inspired by the peculiar election season of 2016) CHARACTERS LIONEL TROWBRIDGE – The interviewer TANYA BICKFORD – The interviewee Scene: An interview studio LIONEL Good evening, and welcome to Current Affairs. I am your host, Lionel Trowbridge.  Tonight we’ll be discussing the entertaining, if not controversial, congressional campaign of Arnie Fowler with his most recent … Continue reading Current Affairs: A Fake Interview Show

Pacific Television Theater – Gateway/Reunion

The second episode of my live televised drama anthology show!  Episode 2 is two short plays.  Gateway is about a new resident to a gated community who discovers that the aberrant behavior he thought he was leaving behind in the outside world also exists within the confines of his new community.  Reunion is about two … Continue reading Pacific Television Theater – Gateway/Reunion

Tonight! Episode 2!

Tonight will the airing and live broadcast of the second episode of Pacific Television Theater (formerly Pacific Avenue Theater).  Tonight's half hour episode will feature two short plays. Gateway is about a new resident at a gated community who soon discovers that the problems he was looking to escape from the outside world also exist … Continue reading Tonight! Episode 2!

From The Archives – The A.P. P.R. Firm – A 10 Minute Play

(I first wrote this play seven years ago and presented it at a Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre workshop on July 21, 2009. The events and topical references are from that time and may appear dated, but the underlying theme of disinformation from high places is still relevant.) CAST OF CHARACTERS CHAIRMAN MR. CARNEY MR. GRAMM … Continue reading From The Archives – The A.P. P.R. Firm – A 10 Minute Play

Your Place Or Mine? – A 10 Minute Play

(I wrote this play in 2012, so the news references are from that time.) CAST OF CHARACTERS SHEILA - a woman of about 30 GEORGE - a man of about 30 UNCLE LEO - a man of about 50 AMY - Sheila's daughter, a girl of 10 BRIAN - Sheila's brother, a man in his … Continue reading Your Place Or Mine? – A 10 Minute Play